About Us

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The Intercommunity Cable Regulatory Commission (ICRC) of Southwest Ohio is a non-profit consortium of 23 communities in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The primary mission of the ICRC is to produce and facilitate local cable television programming for its member communities.

Funding is received indirectly from the cable television subscribers in the ICRC member communities.

The cable subscriber pays a 5% Franchise Fee to the cable provider (Spectrum or Cincinnati Bell) and that money is paid to the community in exchange for using the community’s rights of way. For communities who are part of the ICRC, 2 of that 5% (40% of the fee collected by the community) goes to the ICRC.

The ICRC programs 6 channels on the Spectrum cable system. Three of these channels, (4, 8, 15) are programmed full time and the other three, (17, 18, 24) are programmed part time on a shared basis with either WCET-TV48 or other area cable access centers. On the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics system the ICRC programs five channels, (834, 838, 845, 847, 848) on a full time basis. The schedule and content is identical between the two cable providers.

Just add the number 830 to any Spectrum channel to find the equivalent Cincinnati Bell channel, (Spectrum Channel 4 = Cincy Bell Channel 834). The only exception is Spectrum Channel 24, which is not seen on the Cincinnati Bell system.